Will Power Rebuilding

By Jason Myers

Will power. We don't want to really look at that word as it looks like work! But what can one achieve without strength of will? Picture the child training to walk. If she didn't own the determination to keep going following the first few falls, she would be desperately walk lamely all her life. We adults must draw near our own problems with such determination. What we think is possible appears to be more and more impossible to us as we go through life. Most of us tend to place additional faith in our own failures than in our own successes.

Our brains work like a navigation system and however we program our navigation system becomes our own reality. A lot of what we see may not even be what is in fact the issue, but just the reality we see through the lens of our own principles. Remember the tale of the man who was mistakenly locked into a cooled railroad car? He died after one night, even though the refrigeration was not working. Because he assumed it was... his mind caused him to freeze to death.

If we have failed before, we program that into our navigation system and the chances of disappointments in the next venture multiply, depending upon how we see the failure. If we insist upon looking at failure as the end of the road, then disappointments becomes a routine. However, if we look upon failure as simply a route that didn't succeed, then we can stay on the road until we succeed. Where there's a will there's a way. This is true in most instances.

Developing will power is merely altering your principles about your own enthusiasm to chase your ambition whatever it may be. Get a mental inventory. If your thoughts and impressions seem to perceive you as having no determination, then begin working to alter those ideas.

Together you may establish self confidence regarding your determination by maintaining little commitments to yourself. Negative ideas about yourself can be erased by creating up little achievements.

Like the child learning to walk, imagine yourself walking, see yourself accomplishing that which you need the willpower to complete, and you will eventually be walking through the problems towards your goal. - 31520

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