Attain Daily Swedish Massage In A Massage Chair

By Sheila Fornew

Massage chair recliners have come a long way over the years from simple vibrating chairs to very sophisticated massage chairs with heat, music and various massage therapies. One of the most basic massage techniques is known as Swedish massage or classic massage. The Swedish massage was developed in the 18th century by Henrik Ling. Swedish massage is very effective in allowing the body to absorb more oxygen.

In our daily lives we run up against stress. It just seems to come with our day to day challenges. When we work under pressure, we start with mentally putting pressure on certain areas, some positive, some negative. The negative ones start fear reactions which tense up the muscles. We can become stressed on a mental level and also on a physical level. If this stress is allowed to build up, it begins to effect other parts of the body.

To help alleviate the pain, aches and soreness, massage treatments have been developed and practiced through time. Swedish massage is considered one the most basic massage styles. Swedish massage is aimed at alleviating pain and to enhance the body's health. It helps detoxify the body by increasing cell metabolism which eliminates their waste materials.

Swedish massage uses 6 elements which are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapottement, traction and vibration. Effleurage uses long sweeping strokes covering many parts of the body. Petrissage uses kneading and squeezing of the muscles. Friction or heat helps muscles relax and helps blood flow. Tapottement is the use of a tapping or chopping motion to loosen muscles. Traction is the pulling and stretching of the arms and legs. Vibration is used to shake and loosen muscles to relieve tension and stimulate the capillary vessels.

The premier massage chair brands now offer these 6 elements of Swedish massage. The sophisticated software runs the chairs electro-mechanical systems delivering effective Swedish massage. The integration of heating elements, air compression systems, mechanical massage rollers and even music makes for one unique experience. These robotic masseuses perform all 6 elements of Swedish massage on demand.

Not all massage chair recliners can perform all 6 techniques. All techniques are performed to different degrees and can vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Omega Massage's Montage Elite massage chair and the Panasonic Real Pro Elite have the most comprehensive Swedish massage techniques. The Montage Elite is the most comprehensive Swedish because it has full body heat capabilities where the Panasonic Real Pro Elite does not. Try them both and decide for yourself.

Swedish massage has come along way from the days of Henrik Ling. Mr. Ling would be amazed that the techniques he pioneered have been engineered into the robotic massage chairs of today. Many of the same benefits provided by his pioneering efforts can be found in these mechanical masseuses. However, Mr. Ling found the real benefits of Swedish massage when it was performed on a routine basis. Sporadic visits to the Spa are not as effective as periodic application. If you are looking for Swedish massage techniques, a massage chair recliner is an excellent way to perform on a routine basis. - 31520

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