The Seven Keys of Practical Stress Management

By Diane Kroner

According to Tom Russell "Your direct perception of higher truth sets you free." He mentions this in his 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management. When we look deeper at what we experience in life, we would learn to help ourselves to let go of what is constantly pressuring us everyday.

Surprisingly, stress insistently lures us to be always feeling pressured and defeated. Thinking positively will help but eventually could also leave you powerless and weak. Thinking and doing something is the best way to handle stress and this could be achieved through the following 7 Solutions to Practical Stress Management.

"Use these simple 7 words to be on top of your feelings" Most anxious people would try to put you down by asking for your opinion and you only have to say, "I have nothing to say to that." You have wisely chosen not to engage in this battle of throwing or unleashing harmful words.

"Leave the bitterness of the past behind and live the sweet life now" Do not be eaten inside by feelings of resentment but rather feed yourself with something new to overpower the stress. Change yourself or allow others to change themselves to become a renewed stress-free person.

"Acknowledge that there will be negative thoughts" Know that they exist but note that they will only affect you if you allow it to. It is very important to be aware of stressful feelings inside you, understand why they are there and leave it there.

"Slowly inhale, relax and smile" Taking enough air in your system will flush out or drive away the stress in you. Make it a habit to be thankful and peaceful most of the time and it will clear your head to see positive things to come.

"Think only of good thoughts" Stop at the very moment that you start to entertain bad thoughts before they drain your power. Use your energy wisely by renewing or revitalizing them with positive things.

"Be in an area with positive influence." Keep a distance from bad things that could easily affect the height of your stress levels. Surround yourself with tranquility and love in your self to be free from stress.

"Refrain from giving stressful and negative remarks" Always remember to choose your words well, one word of stress can develop into a whole paragraph of pressures. The final step of Practical Stress Management is to end it before it starts.

A beneficial approach to alleviate the pressures in life is to use the seven keys to Practical Stress Management. With the knowledge that you can do something about the stress, you will be able to remove the stress and be happy. - 31520

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