What Are The Recent Stress Management Statistics?

By Tim Sanders

Times have evidently been rough. With the recession and unemployment issues, the country is certainly going through some tough times. This is why many therapists and psychiatrists have come up with stress management seminars, books and programs that are developed to help people from all walks of life cope with the circumstances and problems that they face. They explain to people how stress works against them and how they can resolve their problems better. They also guide people towards choosing a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle which can encourage productivity and success.

Recent stress management statistics say that people have been coming to these seminars and taking help of these self help books and programs to cope with their anxiety. The American Psychological Association (APA) has released recent statistics and information about stress management.

As a general rule, two thirds of the people are likely to take help for stress management, whereas fifty four percent are troubled about strain in their lives. Workplace related stress management statistics say that sixty two percent of the people feel that their work causes stress while fifty two percent (which is more than half) of all working people are more stressed out about work than they are about their home lives. Most of that population (about 54%) is also concerned about their health being affected by this constant stress.

Stress Management Statistics from the APA further reveal that a significant percentage of the working people consider job insecurity and heavy workloads as stress causing problems. The most stressed out people are Managers and Executives whereas the least stressed happen to be the ones who are self employed. Money happens to be the top most reason for stress and about 73% of the people feel that way.

Stress Management Statistics also divulge that stress and depression are inter-related as is anxiety and panic attacks. According to the World Health Organization 121 million people all over the world currently suffer from depression. This is an awful number and also increases the number of people doing drug abuse and having anxiety disorders.

Women are more susceptible to anxiety disorders than men. Many of those people also develop other disorders including anorexia (and other eating disorders), substance abuse and agoraphobia. Stress Management Statistics also relate that most people don't even get their panic disorders treated. These disorders can affect the lives of normal people negatively and create even more worries for them. This is why it is a good idea to deal with stress early on and get help from stress management seminars, books and programs. - 31520

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