Panic Attacks Relief Techniques

By Eric J Thomas

Today the world has all sorts of stress triggers for the normal woman and man. Financial, work, and family situations abundantly happen to create stress on the body as well as the mind. This pressure can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety and possible to panic attacks.

Lessoning the disquiet in our life is the first thing we should do to prevent the dread that may soon follow. Attempting too much in too little time is a recipe for possible and eventual disaster. Panic attacks can be the result.

Our hearts can only handle so much stress too. Stress can affect the heart seriously. This anxiety that can happen from this can give cause one's blood pressure to go up, poor eating habits, and eventually lead to panic attacks. Heart disease could follow this and make a heart attack occur. Not being able to sleep is another one of the symptom for anxiety. Too little sleep can bring on serious conditions to one's health.

Panic attacks could follow with anxiety. These cause a person to have a strong fear that something bad or dangerous is going to happen. This can cause physical feelings. Shivering, shaking, nausea, sweating, a desire to run, and dizziness are just a a few symptoms that can occur. The desire to run is the flight part of the fight or flight scenario that can happen; this is usually intensified and no sound reason for it.

One very simple and conscientious exercise you can do when a panic attack begins is breathing. Begin by drawing air into your lungs slowly through your nose, hold it a second or two, and release it slowly out of your mouth. Repeat this several times, with your eyes closed. Try to relax your shoulders and arms. Remind yourself that this panic attack will not last long and there is nothing bad happening.

You could also do relaxation exercises in your home. You can purchase music either online or in the stores for this purpose. The music is normally organic and real soft. There might be instead some dialogue spoken in a soft voice that is reassuring, and is teaching you a physical and mental relaxation method. When you have a panic attack happens, you can avail yourself of this method to help manage it.

Talking to someone may also help. If you know a person is there for you, call them or visit. Talking things out with an understanding friend can do wonders to relieve stress and anxiety that has built up over time.

Intentionally using positive thinking is very important too. Upon waking tell yourself not to take any stress personally, and that you can take it. Starting a day off with the right attitude can help you brace yourself for the problems of the day. Sometimes panic attacks are brought on by negative thinking.

Search out counseling that does not include medication can bring you relief. Many professionals are available in various capacities to help you manage not only your anxiety but also your panic attacks. Cognitive-behavioral treatments actually have been used for a long time and have helped many people. This therapy works by allowing the patient to identify personal behaviors, and other things that help to create stress and also anxiety in their lives. Hopefully this therapy will make the patient understand how their own conduct and lifestyle affects their anxiety.

Do not suffer with panic attacks anymore. Many treatments and techniques exist to help one through anxiety and any panic attacks, and no medication is needed. - 31520

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