Best Way To Relieve Stress: Magical Scents

By Jonathan Park

The debilitating effect of stress has been felt by millions of people worldwide, causing havoc to their life and career. That's why the search for the best way to relieve stress is inevitably endless, taking in consideration the number of new people everyday who feels the negative effects of stress in their life.

Stress affects the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our lives. The symptoms brought by stress are sometimes blamed on certain illnesses. Going to the doctor will result to you being given prescription drugs to help you get rid of the effects of stress. But the drugs usually have side effects when used for an extended period of time, and are often addictive. This makes your condition worse.

In reality, the way we look at the stress we face dictates its effect on us. If we react to it negatively, it will have a negative effect on us. Stress is supposed to be a positive reaction wherein it boosts our capabilities to cope up with things that we can't normally cope up with. Too much of stress, however, becomes a problem.

Too much stress can get us disoriented. We tend to panic under the effects of stress. It is important that we relax. Research has found that aromatherapy can alter brainwaves and decrease cortisol levels, which our body produces as part of the body's stress response. What results is the change in our behavior and perception towards stress. Aromatherapy can be a convenient stress relieving practice due to its availability. You can do it anywhere, as long as you carry your essential oils with you.

The effect of aromatherapy can be magical in relieving your stress, because it helps calm your mind and body and activate our body's relaxation response to counter stress. Having a massage with the use of aromatherapy oils can also have some beneficial effects on anxiety and depression, and can promote stronger body and continuous relief from fatigue due to stress at work or at home.

Similar to music, aromatherapy can be used in combination with meditation to quickly induce a state of relaxation. To fight stress, it is often recommended to find something that relaxes you. This is because when we are stressed, our mind panics, and our body becomes tense. These symptoms are easily countered by the use of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy it is the simplest, most convenient, and cheapest form of stress relief methods out there. - 31520

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