Tips For Managing Stress In The Workplace

By Caroline Sanders

In the corporate world, workers including those in the management position are faced with work related stress on an ongoing basis. The goal of going into a stress management course is not to unrealistically eradicate stress but simply to alleviate it in bearable levels by helping you stay motivated and focused to meet objectives. Concern only begins when workers get overstressed and unable to keep up with the increasing work demands, making them feel overwhelmed.

The first step in stress management course is to be aware of your stress triggers such as in presentations, meetings, interviews, tight deadlines, and giving hard feedback. These certainly keep every heart rate beating faster when stress level is high and pressure is creeping in. Go and write down in detail in the form of a list your personal trigger points or hotspots.

Is it during presentations to a specific audience that get you pumped up? Does one meeting cause more stress compared to another? Have you had caffeine overload? Getting down to what induces your stress is already powerful data as you can carry on and handle yourself better given the situation. Do you feel a need to master new tricks? Are you in need of additional resources? Do you have to change to decaffeinated coffee?

The other practical means of dealing with stress is simply sleep, drink, eat and be merry! Staying up too late, eating junk or too much of anything, and a sedentary lifestyle will keep your happy hormones sluggish and thus making you prone to a down mood and weak body.

Whenever possible, take a leave from work or simply see to it you have enjoyable and relaxing weekends. A little sunshine and outdoor activity can have amazing effects on your stress tolerance and will improve your general outlook on life. You will gain a better perspective and have time to rejuvenate as you spend quality time with your family or close friends.

One more stress management course strategy is to let yourself re-experience being a kid again. What are the activities you enjoyed doing as a child? Let your creativity shine by drawing, painting, dancing or reading. Listen to music that can lift your spirits high. Allow yourself freedom of self expression.

Lastly, avoid setting unrealistic goals for yourself that may only cause frustration. Being able to set goals that are challenging yet attainable will keep stress manageable and will make you a more effective and productive individual in the work force. - 31520

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