Tips For Guided Imagery For Stress Management

By Taylor Kres

Guided Imagery is a stress-relieving and relaxation technique that can assist you effectively to comfortably manage stress and lessen tension in your body. It is as simple as remembering how to daydream and, through time and some practice, this process may even lead you to have access to your inner wisdom. Below you will find the steps on getting started with guided imagery:

1.Find a comfortable position such as lying down flat on your back or sitting in a meditation stance. If lying in the prone position would likely bring you to sleep, better do a leg crossed stance or maybe rest your back in a comfy chair.

2.Utilize deep breathing technique with your eyes closed, having your focus fixed on every inhale and exhale rhythm, as if breathing out and releasing all the stress away.

3.When you reach that relaxed state, start envisioning yourself in a place or situation that is the most relaxing surrounding you can reckon. For others, it could be floating in the serene cool waters in the middle of a secluded pristine white sand island, drinking your favorite wine or mixed drink while smooth music is playing in the background. For some, it could be enjoying the heat from the fireplace cabin in the midst of a snow-laden resort, sipping coffee and reading the latest fiction novel wrapped up in a comforter.

4.Try to indulge all your senses as you create your scene. How does it look like? What feelings creep up? Are there special scents involved? Can you hear the crackling of the woods burning, the sprinkling of water into your face, or the sand tickling your feet? Create a vision so real that you can delectably taste it!

5.Stay in this moment for as long as you wish. Enjoy your vivid virtual environment and allow yourself to be far from the source of your stress. Whenever you're prepared to go back to reality, count yourself back from 10 downwards and as you reach 1, instruct yourself that you are peaceful, in a serene state, alert and enjoying what is left of the day. When you come back, you will feel calmer and refreshed, like returning from a hibernation without even leaving your room.

Just remember, guided imagery for stress management is as easy as having the right ambient sounds, a lot of imagination, and creating an immersed serene inner environment. - 31520

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