5 Effective Life Stress Busters To Manage Stress

By Jamie Sue Tan

Getting burned out because of all the pressures you are dealing with every day? Maybe you're not managing them properly or not handling them at all. In order to perform all your daily duties effectively you will need to take care of all the stresses that may get thrown in your direction. Here are five effective life stress management tips that will surely lift yours spirits up when you are starting to feel stress drag your feet through the ground.

Step one is to change your way of thinking. Most of the stress that we feel is due to the way we think about things. We subconsciously think that what we have in front of us are threats. To do a'0 degree turn makes the most impact on your coping and stress handling skills. The downside is that this is the most difficult way to effectively fight stress since you are going to get rid of a habit and replace it with a better one.

Be selfish once in a while. Set aside some alone time. Spend time with yourself, no other people around, no friends, and no loved ones, just you. Doing this is more important than you think. It helps you regain your focus, and reenergizes your mind and body at the same time.

Another way to fight stress is exercise. It does not matter which exercise you want to do, need to do, or whichever you find comfortable and easy. Just pick something and stick to it. During exercising, your body releases hormones that almost immediately make you feel relaxed.

Widen your social support network. There will be times that things are just too much for you to bear. It will be comforting if there are people that you can run to that will help you out. Reach out to important people. Stay in touch with them. Show them that they are important to you and this will greatly reward you in times of distress.

The last, but not the least, tip is realization. Understand that there are some things in life that just cannot be resolved, or sometimes, cannot be solved by you. It's a waste of ammunition if you're firing on something on the other side of the bulletproof glass. The more you dwell on one problem; you lose time and other things pileup on you - creating stress.

We all know that life can get difficult from time to time and it is our job to handle the problems that are being thrown at us. But without proper knowledge and technique on stress management, you will become more prone to breaking down, when the problems of life starts to really pour down on you. - 31520

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