Practical Stress Management in a Breeze

By Randy Webb

Being at peace with yourself, as I understand it, is a very important condition which is the reverse of being stressed out. The way to stress management is not about minimizing your exposure to stresses but rather responding differently to these pressures.

This can be achieved by setting a goal, gradually moving forward through a different outlook and approach to live with yourself peacefully.

1. Love yourself just the way you are.

You may not be perfect, accept this. Heal old wounds. Start with loving and accepting yourself no matter what you have been through. Think of something now that you can do to show yourself that love. (You may seek psychological evaluation by a trained psychiatrist)

2. Accept what is happening with a well-balanced attitude.

You may not like what is happening for sure, it only means that you could be a simple observer, not taking any sides of whether you like it or not. Accept that it is done and you simply cannot do anything about it. (You may want to learn to deal better with the situations when they happen again and not be negatively affected by it)

3.View your experiences as lessons in life and use them to grow and be in a higher level than you were in before.See the stress below and disappear right before your eyes.

4. Don't be too serious.

Take time to laugh at your mistakes or misfortunes and try to do this everyday. As they say, laughter is the best medicine which will heal all pressure wounds.

5. Prioritize and think of doing first what is more important.

You are stressed out mostly because of the fear of not accomplishing all the tasks at hand. Limit what you consider to be the most meaningful goals in your life and choose well what is important and most of all doable with the limited resources you have - time and energy. You will not be stressed anymore knowing that your goals can be achieved exactly the way you want it done.

6. Clean up the mess in your life and live simply

Remove all unnecessary things, do not be involved in events and people who are not in your priority list mentioned above. You will have more than enough energy saved for reaching your most meaningful goals in life.

7. Be physically active.

Maintain a healthy active lifestyle, hydrate and hibernate only to boost up energy. Then go out and shape up.

8. Reflect, know your deepest desires and think of how to achieve these.

So, how does this step allow you to fight stress? By concentrating only on achieving your desires, you will not have time to think about being bothered or pressured. You change your ways through a peaceful approach but focused person. - 31520

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