Job Stress and Its Role in Employee Productivity

By Patrick Drew

A lot of people get stressed even before one reaches the workplace. Aside from the difficulties of doing the work, you also have to deal with co-workers who may or may not agree or approve of the way you do your work. There would also be some people you were romantically involved with before who would be working with you, and this would be so uncomfortable and stressful as well with past and present work relationships, gossips, and power struggle conflicts.

You may consider writing these stressful events and analyze. Some of these events at work may be similar to events at home causing the same feelings of lowliness. Maybe by looking at these past stresses you could figure out a way to stop feeling the same way in the future. We may be lucky enough to rethink this through and finally find a solution - by having a different mindset.

Look at what causes other people to be stressed and what they do about it. They may be in the same situation you were. They may feel as depressed, helpless, angry, and frustrated. Now you would see that it is a pattern. The mind is patterned to feel stressed, blame others for being stressed out. This has been going on around for a long time, has gone deeper and in circles. Maybe it is time to change our way of thinking and feelings.

Nowadays, a lot of stress goes on in the workplace. Small stuff piles up and becomes big enough for you to say, "That's it. I have reached my limit." When that happens, do not turn to medications, there are ways to handle these job stresses.

So, is it possible to be stress-free at work? No. We need to know how to deal with the stress and not be stressed by its presence. We have stress management tips which might help.

Identify the stressor: Work? Family? Your partner? Once you have identified the cause of the stress or the stressor, then you could move on to thinking about resolution.

Divide the weight: Divide and distribute the weight. You are not the only one who can carry on such task. Other people at work and your boss may be willing to share the load.

Look from another perspective: It is okay not to make it right the first time. As it is, it is the first and not the end. Take it easy on your work and yourself when stressed out with a mistake.

We will always be dealing with stress in our lives especially in our work. Job stress management is essential to keep us active and enthusiastic amidst a stressful world. - 31520

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