Chiropractic Therapy: Ratchet Recuperation With A Massage Chair

By Rebecca Sheffield

Chiropractic care is considered an alternative form of treatment in dealing with muscle, nervous and skeletal system discomfort. The use of chiropractic medicine focuses on the health of the spine. A variety of techniques are used by Chiropractors to improve the health of the spine. Massage therapy is used to help increase flexibility, range of motion and reduce stiffness. Massage chairs have helped to automate some of the treatments.

Chiropractic medicine has become very popular in the general public. Traditionally, a chiropractor was focused on relieving back pain and headaches. However, back pain and headaches are symptoms. Chiropractors are focused on finding the causes of these symptoms.

Chiropractors work under the theory that given the right circumstances, situation and nutritional support the body will heal itself. The chiropractor seeks to relieve any undue pressure on the nerve endings that exist in the spinal column. By allowing sufficient nervous control of the body, cells and tissues the chiropractor allows the body to work towards self-healing.

With this in mind, doctors apply certain therapies to help the body to take back over the healing process. Therapies may include spinal adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, and massage treatments. Massage chairs are used to provide complementary therapies in addition to just massage therapy.

Massage therapy, along with other treatments by a chiropractor requires them to be administered on a periodic basis. One cannot expect the immediately heal the body. It takes time and it takes the repetition of certain treatments until the body can take back over effectively.

Massage chairs have found their way into many doctors offices. They provide an excellent means to automate many manual methods. They also provide a consistent and reliable means to administer repetitive treatments to patients. This helps both the doctor and the patients to receive consistent treatments.

There are numerous massage treatments that can be performed with todays advanced massage chairs. You can use them for a general body warm up or warm down. They can apply a specific technique to a given area of focus. The consistency of the massage and the duration can be controlled as required.

There are many advanced technologies built into massage chairs. They have both manual and automatic massage programs. The automatic programs include one-touch buttons which run specific pre-programmed massages. Manual massage techniques can also be selected that use a particular massage style.

A massage chair allows the massage can be applied to a specific area and specific length of time. This helps to reduce the variables in the treatment process. The time and intensity of the massage can be applied consistently.

Massage chairs have also integrated other therapies such as heaters, traction systems and even music. Heaters are built into the chair and come with individual controls for different sections of the chair. Traction systems provide stretching of the lower body and even the arms and shoulders.

The flexibility of massage chairs has many advantages. One can apply a massage to the shoulders and neck while heat is applied to the lower body. Engage the traction function and you can stretch out the lower body. You have many options to isolate the massage on a particular area or to overlay multiple therapies all at once.

The goal of a chiropractor is to get your body to take back over its healing functions. The doctor applies specific treatments on a recurring basis to get the body to respond. Massage chairs are an excellent provider of consistent and reliable massage therapy. These treatments along with others determined by your health practitioner can help to restore the body back to its prior level of functioning. - 31520

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