How To Find Real Happiness With 3 Laws

By Fred Freddman

There are only three keys to happiness. They are universal, powerful and essential for a happy life: Key#1 - Find Yourself, Key#2 - Love Yourself, Key#3 - Love Others. Sounds simple enough but what do they really mean?

#1 - Finding yourself is not easy for most people. That's because society has conspired to hide you from yourself from the day you were born. This conspiracy is not evil -- the intention was good -- but still our society generally believes it's necessary to protect us from ourselves. So instead we are told to be like others or to behave like some ideal held up to us as the correct model for living.

The fact is, you are perfect just as you are. Your challenge is to discover that perfection within yourself. You don't have to be the same as everyone else. In fact God forbid if you were ... what a boring world that would be! You need to find your unique passions and treasure them, because they define who you are. Learn what really attracts you in life and pursue it whole heartedly.

Passion is your guide to yourself and it comes in many forms - deep curiosity, excitement, preoccupation, dreams, attractions, fascinations, etc. You can be passionate about work, play, study, politics, people and many other things, but be assured you are passionate about something - probably several things.

#2 - Loving yourself is the next task. Once you know who you are, you must learn to appreciate that person just as you would your own child. There is something truly lovable about you as there is everyone. Give yourself credit for being someone worthy of your love.

In fact, what others may label as bad may be your best, bravest and most courageous qualities. After all, it takes courage to go against the accepted way of doing things. Only you can label yourself as bad and you shouldn't. Love your self like your own child because you are a child of God and you deserve that type of love.

#3 - Love Others. Never forget that essentially they are no different from you. We are ALL worthy. Of course they may not realize their own goodness or act on it all of the time. None of us do. but at core, they are just as special and worthy as you and you must see this in them or you will also fail to see it in yourself.

Others are a mirror of yourself because by the law of universal attraction, you attract to yourself the exact people and circumstances you need for growth and to take the next step in your evolution. That means often others are showing you parts of yourself you may not want to acknowledge. Consider all people your teachers, because by your reactions to them you have the opportunity to learn about yourself.

Well that is the heart of it ... the three essential truths that will lead you to a happier life. When you master these three you will have mastered the key to your own happiness. These are truths that you already recognize on some deep level but that still need to be brought into your everyday world. Because when you accomplish this you will experience how to live happily and joyfully, now and in the future. - 31520

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