Life Stress Management With Prioritize, Categorize And Systemize

By Esther Tan

The availability of stress is definitely is very prevalent and can unnoticeably strike in no specific time and place. Though stress is prevalent anywhere there are three common factors or situation which was categorically classified as major causes of stress, these are work, money and family.

Occupation and the workplace are the top attractions of stress. Stress caused by work, if not immediately dealt with at the workplace, can affect the matter of interaction at home. If still not managed, it can create a lot more damage, such as broken relationships, divorce, and whatnot. These situations often lead to depression and other mental states.

One of the major root causes of stress at work is being late, though this can be considered as minor but it can definitely develop to a major problem. Being late is always can be easily treated by exerting much effort to be early on going to work. And after succeeding on this, it's recommended that you need to recognize the success for the having the first step getting done.

Another known major cause of stress is workloads, which we are being held responsible for. There are instances that we are being given workloads which is aside from its beyond our limits it's has a limited allotted time to get it done. Though if we think that it's very impossible to have this solved, but there are three effective and simple tips which can be used to address the situation, its by learning how to Prioritize, Categorize, and Systemize.

Practicing these three effective tips can help you on how to mobilize your efforts properly and let you finish your job on the time given. Prioritizing is the manner by which we are giving focus on the job that needs to be done immediately. Second is the process of categorizing which we determine the allotted time and importance of each task. Lastly systemize, this would enable us to keep focus on working on task which had limited time. Being systematic would eradicate distraction which often consumes much of our time. - 31520

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