Positive Thinking For Both Stress And Anxiety

By Eddy Kong

It is no secret that encounters with stress happen everyday because they are unavoidable. The negativity that stress brings with it is due to the way we handle the stressors. Hans Selye, and endocrinologist, further proposed that there are two types of stress: the "eustress" and "distress", which are good stress and bad stress respectively. Eustress is felt when something good came out of the coping with a stressor whereas distress happens when one cannot adapt to stress.

Anxiety is a state of mind characterized by constant worry, uneasiness, and fear. While stress, or distress for that matter, is due to a negative reaction to what recently happened or what is currently happening, anxiety is a result of the reaction to an upcoming, possibly negative, event. For this reason, anxiety is often associated with fear and is sometimes confused with it.

Stress leads to various physical and mental disorders. Anxiety is one of them, which is why stress management is so important. Sometimes, people get hit by stress without realizing it. They develop anxiety or panic disorders without knowing that it came from being stressed for an extended period of time.

If you are stressed too much because of the bad things that happen to you, pause and realize that there are some good things that have happened. There are always better things to think about. If you already have anxiety, realize that you constantly fear something that isn't supposed to be feared. It comes natural for you to think of worst-case scenarios. It may surprise you that you rarely think about positive outcomes to something that you're anticipating.

Stress and anxiety has always been about the negative. Stress is due to the negative past and present, while anxiety is the fear of the negative future. Having a positive outlook can be hard for those who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety disorders, but it is always the first step in managing either one. - 31520

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