Practical Stress Management: Two Practical Ways To Stay Positive

By Esther Tan

Stress is the result of the depletion of the body's resources as part of its reaction to certain circumstances. When the odds are against us, the body starts releasing adrenalin for us to be able to cope up. A feeling of both physical and mental exhaustion follows. Being stressed for an extended period of time has been associated with various health complications. For this reason, there became a need for managing stress.

Stress management practices come in two categories. One requires a certain level of stillness. This includes, but is not limited to, yoga and meditation. The other involves movement by engaging in activities such as sports and hobbies. The latter is done to divert the attention from non-stressful things to something else enjoyable. The challenges in sports are actually stressors, albeit good ones. Bad stressors are those you would want to turn your back on.

Stress develops when we react negatively to the stressors we encounter everyday. Stress can arise from thinking too much about the negative stressors. The undesirable events keep replaying in our minds and it drains us mentally. Developing the ability to snap your self out of it and realizing that there are other things to think about is a first step towards positive thinking. Once you are out of your negative trance, focus on the positive things that have happened.

Once you have that skill, develop the ability of recognizing places that ooze with negativity and stay away from them; drowning your self in negative things lead to stress. To be able to ward stress of, stay positive. Even if you've mastered the art of positive thinking, staying in a negative zone for an extended period of time will take its toll.

Only give negativity attention if you are trying to understand it. If you are affected by a negative thought, look at it and try to understand it so you will know how to be free from it. - 31520

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