Squeeze Stress Out Of You

By Johnson Star

At work, we are constantly bombarded with stress. Our body actually helps us in coping up with stress in the workplace. You can notice this when there is a big workload, and you can feel yourself being able to catch up with everything. You find that you can get focused. Then after your shift, you start feeling exhausted. After work, your "fight or flight" state would have been long gone.

There are a multitude of tips, tricks, and techniques out there to prevent stress at work. There are also some to relieve stress from work; for instance, taking a break. Taking short breaks from work means you can take your mind off of it; even just for a few minutes. A lot can be done in fifteen minute breaks. Chatting with colleagues guarantees a smile or laughter, which beats stress any day. There will be some days, though, when you are too eager to get home and every minute feels like forever. These are symptoms of stress already.

These situations have been acknowledged by experts. They have noticed that those who focus too much on work do not feel the stress early on. They start feeling the effects of stress after work or half-way through the shift. When it's the latter, they usually do not know how to cope. One tip is pausing and taking a few deep breaths. But stressed, and busy, people tend to forget to do that. In comes the stress ball for trying to relieve stress while on duty.

Stress balls are nothing more than soft, plushy spherical toys. They are small, not even 10 centimeters, squeezable things. They are generally squeezed by hand, which can be therapeutic. Squeezing stress balls helps release the tension caused by stress. While most of them are round, they do come in different shapes. Regardless, all stress balls are made for one purpose.

There are various ways to beat stress. Some techniques are used to relieve stress, some are to prevent them. While some stress management practices requires freedom of movement, stress balls can used to relieve stress when still at work. - 31520

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