Collecting Stamps - Your First Album Collection

By Alice Plaice

There is nothing like collecting different stuff, if it gets constant appreciation from people. Apart from collecting toys, dolls, cars, many people also collect stamps.

It is important to identify the kind of stamps you want to collect before starting a stamp collection. It is better to collect a certain kind of stamp instead of going for any kind. You can collect stamps according to their purpose, type, condition and format.

A massive ten thousand postage stamps are issued every year throughout the world which is why; it would be impossible and extremely expensive to collect stamps from all over the world. Therefore, it is advisable to start collecting the stamps from a particular country.

Collecting stamps from your own country will be a beneficial and much economical affair since there will be an easy accessibility. Else, you can also choose a neighboring country or any other place, which is easily accessible. The financial resources you have will also play an important role in stamp collection.

You may also choose to collect stamps that depict objects like ships, birds, planes or any other. Else, go for stamps of particular colors like blue, red or any other color. You can also collect used or new stamps. Make sure that you develop a wide distribution network if you want to start stamp collection.

If you are short of funds, it is better to collect used stamps since these are free of cost. You can also contact your relatives and friends and ask them to provide you the stamps that are easily available. Your pen friends, if there, can also help you to get the stamps you want.

Don't tear off the stamp from an envelope. There is a special method being used by stamp collectors to detach the stamp from envelope.

If you are having money to buy new stamps then you can be in touch with stamp dealers. You can also be a part of clubs of stamp collectors, where you can exchange stamps with them.

It is important to have basic stamp collecting tools before you begin to collect stamps. Some of the tools you need are stamp album, hinges, tongs, a perforation gauge, a watermark sensing device and a magnifying glass.

You can also keep the stamps in an album once you collect them in good numbers. You can also use hinges for mounting the stamps in an album.

However, items like adhesive tapes and glues should not be used for mounting. This can damage the stamps. You can also use hinges or mounts to separate the stamps if the plastic dividers are not there in your album.

While handling the stamps, make sure you take utmost care. Use tongs for handling stamps instead of your hands, which might be sweaty or dirty. Even washed hands should not be used as there still might be a risk of damage.

Keep a magnifying glass with you as well. It will help you to know your stamp better. You might find all the stamps similar when you see them through naked eyes, but with the help of magnifying glass, you might some small but significant difference.

Don't get engrossed in technicalities involved in this hobby as it is done mainly for enjoyment. However, once you become expert at this work, you can easily make money out of it. But the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. - 31520

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