Preventing Stress The Practical Way

By Esther Tan

Each person reacts to stress in a different way. Some can handle a lot without exerting too much effort, while others run away at the slightest hint of stress. Even with a variety of factors in the amount we handle, or the chain of events that we face each day, only one thing is for certain. When you leave stress alone, it will eat you alive.

We can confront stress anytime of the day and anywhere we might be, and it's not just during problematic times that we feel stressed, even when there are joyous occasions we can also feel stressful. Getting married for example pose great stress for both the man and woman involved, same as with moving, speaking in public, or welcoming a new member or the family. So as you can see, this just shows how much exposed to stress we really are.

In order to prevent burn-outs we need to manage out stress effectively. Learning effective stress management can improve your outlook and response when it comes to stress, but sadly on a few people practice it. Why? Because people nowadays are so busy with their lives, they think that they don't have enough time for it. Not only is this statement fatal, it is wrong at the same time. Effective stress management is not entirely composed of exercises that require time in order to benefit from.

If you think that you don't have the time to do yoga, jogging, aerobics, or what have you, it doesn't mean you will never have the opportunity to relax. There is actually a more practical way of managing stress. Changing your way of thinking when stressors hit you can help remedy stress. Thinking positively without being in denial or hypocritical can actually help you manage stress before it even starts affecting you.

Prioritizing is another example, if you experiencing stress because you are always caught up in your work it may just be because you have not outlined your priorities well. If this is the case, try getting an organizer so that you will be able clearly see how much you will need to handle each day. This will also prevent you from over committing which is maybe the reason why you are overworked.

Expect the unexpected. There will always be little surprises in your life. Learn to understand that "perfect" plans will not always go the way you want them to go. Learn to understand that things can and will go wrong. This allows you to be less likely to be caught off guard and serves as an emotional and mental buffer for stress.

So as you can see, those examples that were mentioned does not require you to leave the office or go anywhere for that matter. Being conscious of your thoughts and actions will also help you deal with stress in effective ways. - 31520

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