Do I have Anxiety Disorder?

By Robert Hardy

While typical in correlation with stressful conditions, anxiety possibly will turn into a health hazard and problem when diagnosed as a disorder. By anxiety disorder, specialists refer to a number of nervous ailments that are characterized by the manifestation of swift panic attacks and the constant discomfort of something lurking out there, ominously.

Anxiety attacks are extremely harmful if we think the fear and what it can do to one's psyche, even if they are not a danger from a sheer biological point of view. most of the time, people who advance an anxiety disorder have in fact suffered from repetitive panic attacks that caused a disabling condition eventually.

Most commonly, an anxiety disorder will grow in an individual who has some form of genetic predisposition or a hereditary sensitivity of the central nervous system. The panic attack appears only when such an individual becomes exposed to an external stressing element that is usually facilitated by traumatic events, extended stress, medical procedure or the use of drugs or prescription medication. Therefore, people who have just gone through a extremely strong life encounter that has marked them in a damaging way, are prone to developing an anxiety disorder from an original panic attack.

How does an accidental panic attack evolve into an anxiety disorder? Because, the first terrifying happening with all its symptoms, creates a sensitivity at the level of the central nervous system. Afterwards, the person is a lot more prone to exterior threats of a diverse nature. It is common to start misinterpreting a hurt in the chest as a sign of a panic attack, and thus start another incident in the fierce circle of the anxiety disorder. Even if there is no external hazard to justify the appearance of panic episodes, the person often starts fearing the anxiety symptoms as such and gives them rather catastrophic proportions.

The treatment for most anxiety disorder cases consist of behavioral and cognitive therapies intended to break the nasty circle in which fear of panic attacks causes panic attacks. The use of antidepressants or tranquilizers is just a interim relief scheme and should not be used for elongated periods of time. In fact, such drugs are only obtainable prescription based and will therefore entail continual medical observation. If other therapy forms are not used in parallel with drug administration, symptoms may exceptionally well return when the treatment is finished and the anxiety disorder could thus grow to more severe forms. - 31520

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