Stop Running In Place and Start Jogging For Your Job

By James Pynn

Have any of you seen this news flash: job hunting is hard? Anyone? Yeah, that's something they don't teach you in school. They just give you the degree as if that alone will do the trick. Why is it one of the most difficult aspects of this modern life is seldom addressed? One theory is professors don't teach us how to deal with the so-called "real world" because they have never had to face it themselves. Maybe this is why I've never seen a Job Hunting 101 class in a college course directory. There are no neat solutions and not enough hours in a day to act on them.

While it's true you can't land a decent job these day without at least a Bachelor's degree, college is not the place to learn survival skills. My all-too-brief stint in state college saw me taking a gaggle of courses called "Core" classes. They consisted of such useful subjects as math, health, philosophy, science, language, and art -- you know, the typical liberal arts curriculum. The problem is that though these classes were are useful for developing a well-rounded perspective, they did zero in terms of helping me adjust to life outside of the ivory tower.

I said it once and I'll say it once more: finding a job is no fun. It's hard. It's Trig-hard and there are no cheat sheets that can help. Well, that's not completely the case. There are some useful cheat sheets -- we working poor call them the classifieds. In terms of trying to find jobs, Los Angeles and New York rank among the most competitive markets. You need a job sheet that can keep up with the market -- what good is a job offer from last week? You need job posts that are current and relevant.

The trick to keeping the days light and the search from bogging down in frustration is to be particular. You want a job resource that is constantly updated, but you should only apply to jobs that have some kind of relevancy to your skills and disposition. Here's another tip: start jogging. Seriously, jogging will help you do two vital things: relieve stress and develop your constitution. Think of your job search as a marathon. It's going to take three things: time, effort, and persistence.

Here is another added benefit: mental acuity. Jogging will help keep your mind focuses and set on success. I know this smacks of quaint platitudes, but keeping the mind and body in sync is one of the best ways to find job nirvana. That and a well-stocked, constantly updated classified website. Until that day you can stop jogging and cozy up to a corner office, keep on keeping on. - 31520

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