Workplace Stress Relief: Squeeze Stress Out Of You

By Eddy Kong

Focusing too much on the vast amount of work we're facing in the office can put us under the effects of stress. It is due to the rush of doing the tasks in the quickest way possible without compromising quality. Sometimes it's about impressing the boss, which is normal. But if the workload is too much, we tend to try to cope up with it then just feel the stress at the end of the day.

There are different tips and techniques out there to prevent the stress at work. There became a need for them because we normally won't have the time to be able to think about stress prevention while focusing on our tasks at the same time. The most common tip for easing stress at work is taking a break. It is very affective as it allows you time off from work while at work. A little break goes a long way. But you will eventually face situations where you start feeling the effects of stress and every minute feels like forever for it is nowhere near break time.

These kinds of situations have been acknowledged Experts have noticed that most employees who focus too much on work do not feel the stress while they're at it. They start feeling the effects of stress half-way through the shift. When they do, they do not know how to cope. One tip is pausing and taking a few deep breaths. But stressed people almost always forget to do that. So, some companies recommend a simple yet effective stress-reliever.

Stress ball is a malleable toy, usually not more than 7cm in diameter. It can be squeezed by hand and somehow, due to that fact and it small size, it can relieve stress during work hours. The manipulation of force made by squeezing makes it a very effective way to slowly, but surely, release the tension caused by stress. Most stress balls come in spherical form. They do come in various shapes, but regardless of shape or texture, its purpose remains the same.

There are lots of ways to fight stress. There are techniques used to relieve stress after work. There are practices that one can do before work so they don't get affected by stressors that much. The stress ball is the simplest way to relieve stress. The good thing is, you don't have to get home to use it. - 31520

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