What Does Stress Management Training For Women Include?

By Johnson Star

Stress is met and experienced by men and women alike. The stressors that they encounter are different as they each have their own day to day experiences. They also have their own mechanisms in dealing with stress. Men, for instance turn to alcohol as a form of relaxation while women pour out their frustration on their peers. Women are more emotional than men, but they don't really say that much when they are stressed out; or at least not in front of men.

Irritability is one of the first symptoms that show with too much stress. When women have had a little too much, they start getting verbal. In the workplace, women tend to be more affected with whatever is going on around them. They tend to be easily overwhelmed with the immense workload and all thoughts of organizing goes out the window. It can take a little time for women to get to this state, though, since a woman's body produces calming chemicals when they face stress.

A man's body, on the other hand, has high testosterone levels that block these chemicals, which is why men are more likely to develop anger issues when under chronic stress. Young girls have been wired to not complain in handling the two careers that they will have when they get older: working to make a living, and taking care of the home. It is believed that women can handle stress twice as better than men. The problem is, women are also bombarded with twice the amount of stress than men are.

The employees with the best work ethics are usually female. But companies do know that stress affects performance and productivity. Since they thrive only with good personnel, they would hold stress management training for women and men. These training courses teach employees the skills they need to handle the workload. They also learn how to resolve conflicts. They also sharpen their prioritization and organization skills. Most times, these courses also teach them various relaxation techniques that can be used inside the office.

Stress management training for women is almost the same as it is with men. The techniques and the skills to be developed are identical. The difference only lies in the amount of stressors that women face. Men usually get stressed out because of their jobs. Women come home to face a new batch of stressors. Stress management training for women differs only in the methods to identify and recognize the causes, signs, and symptoms of stress. So is it useful? As a matter of fact, it is. When your company holds stress management training for women, take advantage of it. If not, you can find the same courses and purchase them off of the internet. - 31520

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