Obtain Pain Relief: A Massage Chair Delivers Deep Tissue Massage

By Ben Jenson

Deep tissue massage is found to be effective at relieving more chronic pain conditions. Lighter massage techniques do not penetrate as deeply to be effective. When a deep tissue massage is applied, it targets the deeper layers of the muscles. Muscles breakdown when used. To restore flexibility and heal scar tissue, deep pressure and stroking is applied. The stroking and pressure stretch out the muscle tissues increasing their flexibility.

If you have suffered an injury, then you know that scar tissue has less elasticity than normal tissue. The elasticity can be restored by elongating and stretching the affected areas. Deeper muscles need this stretching action to rebuild and increase their range of motion. A deep tissue massage helps to break down scar tissue and increase elasticity in muscles and tissues.

If you are a team member of a professional sports franchise, then your routinely obtain deep tissue massage. This is known to help healing form injuries and to increase range of motion of muscles. The heavy workouts cause muscles to breakdown and become tight. Loosening the muscles regains their former flexibility. However, not all of us have access to a massage therapist.

Studies show that deep tissue is effective for relieving muscle pain, tension and anxiety. Since the daily stress on our bodies is continuous, the treatments are only truly beneficial when received on a continuous, recurring basis. A one time treatment is not a one-time cure all. To get daily pain relief, the treatment must be given with sufficient frequency. This is where a deep tissue massage chair can be a tremendous asset. There is an amazing variety of potential massage therapies to target areas for pain relief.

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and deep tissue massage has been integrated into many of the premier massage chair brands. Companies like Panasonic, Omega Massage and others are pushing the limits with ever more varieties massage therapies into their chairs. These massage therapies include air compression, stretching, heating elements, music therapy to name a few. Software programs control all aspects of the deep tissue massage. The program starts the massage more superficially and then gradual works deeper into the muscles working out the tightness, pain and aches.

Massage chair companies like Panasonic and Omega Massage develop massage chairs to help relieve certain pain conditions. There are many ailments that plagued us. Simple things like using a mouse over time can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Although using a mouse is small movements, these small repetitive movements cause considerable pain and discomfort. The Omega Montage Premier Massage chair has an air compression massage just for the hands and forearm. This provides relief be helping to restore flexibility in the muscles.

Deep tissue massage is not for everyone. Since this massage specifically targets getting to the deep layers of the muscle, most people may feel sore the next day. This is normal as the massage has penetrated to the deeper layers to relieve tension. If this is a concern, then it is always advisable to ask your doctor if this type of massage is appropriate for you. Many health professionals are optimistic that with more studies being performed, that deep tissue massage will be shown to provide more significant benefits for chronic pain sufferers.

To get the full benefit of any massage treatment, it must be performed at a regular, sustained interval. If you exercise regularly, then you should receive massage regularly. Each action like exercise, requires an equal an opposite counteraction like massage therapy. Life is about balance. We know the balance is always changing, so too must the counter balances. Obtaining pain relief is a counter balance to the source of the pain. The healing process is a natural reversal of the damaging process. Look to integrate massage therapy into your routine with a massage chair recliner. They are actually very cost effective in the long run. - 31520

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