Stress Relief Games: Distraction

By Jamie Sue Tan

Stress is a normal and healthy bodily response to what you may see as a threat. This reaction enables us to work harder and react faster by making us focus more, become more alert and energetic. This bodily reaction is basically our body going into overdrive. Our bodies respond to these threats by releasing adrenalin and pumping more blood to our muscles so we can be able to react quickly and accordingly to whatever happens next. These threats are often perceived, thus aren't real threats. For instance, we can't die from immense workload in the office. But we think of them as threats, and the body responds for us to keep up.

Stress doesn't pick an age bracket or gender as to who it affects. Adults, teenagers, men, and women all get affected by stress. There are differences between each person, however, so we all have our own reactions to our own stressors. For this reason, there is no single way that can relieve everybody's stress all at one time. Stress can be relieved through relaxing, developing a positive outlook on everything, or by turning your attention to something else. Distraction can take many forms including but not limited to exercise, sports, or taking up a hobby.

One very effective form of distraction is by stress relief games. Games are just like music when talking about stress relief. There is soothing music, but the genre that the stressed person prefers is the most effective in de-stressing. With games, there are those specifically designed to be fun but not addicting. There are those designed to be really stress relievers. There are those who may prefer board games as stress relievers, while some may prefer online games. There are also those who prefer playing video games to de-stress.

For stress relief games, men would usually opt for playing video games that include a little violence, but not too much blood and gore. For example, playing first-person shooter games may look like promoting guns and killing for other people. But for the gamers, it's the teamwork and cooperation that gives them the most fun. When played among friends, it's also fun for them to talk trash without anyone getting offended. It's a good distraction.

Simple flash games such as those found in Facebook or any other social networking sites can help relieve stress in women. Of course, not may enjoy these kinds of games. Try to think of a game that you can play. It can be as simple as counting the number of blue and red cars that you see while driving. - 31520

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