Handling Teenage Stress

By Kasey F. Hunsicker

Stress is the response of the body and the mind towards assorted changes in the physical environment of a person. Though a human being undergoes changes throughout his life, adolescence is one period that witnesses almost all of the changes. During adolescence, an individual goes through many sorts of changes including physical, emotional, social and academic. Teenage is the period that's by maximum stress levels.

During puberty, there are a number of factors which lead to tension and stress. A few common stress factors are expectations from family and teachers. Sometimes, self expectation could make it hard for you to choose an acceptable career for yourself. Some other considerations that might lead to stress are poor commercial condition, estranged fogeys, incapacity, uneasy relations or lack of self esteem.

Teenagers must handle stress effectively otherwise it might result in to severe health problems. A few common health risks are despair, nervousness, sleeplessness, poor eating habits and lack of concentration. In case of any of these conditions, immediate pro help is necessary. If not checked for in time, these issues could lead to aggression or social withdrawal. It's been seen, if teenage stress isn't handled reasonably, it might also result in loss of confidence and suicide, in worst cases!

Therefore, it is important that teenage stress be managed properly. Time allocation is an example of the crucial methods to manage stress during teenage. Taking proper time out for homework, sports, chores, and other activities can help you stay less stressed.

Another anxiety management measure is to set tiny goals and divide tasks into more controllable chunks. Target issues that are in your control and let go of things you don't have any control over.

Eating a healthy diet coupled with exercise can also help deal with stress. You need to also scale back your caffeine intake. Alcohol and drugs attribute to stress so take care you keep away from them.

Certain scenarios can be the cause of a stress attack in certain kids. It becomes important to confront such situations in order to deal with stress. Practice situations that you fear such as public speaking and the like. You need to also learn to be more expressive. If you find it hard to express your feelings to folks, you can express your emotions through writing or music.

Always try to stay away from negative thoughts. You should always have a positive outlook towards things. Instead of negative thoughts such as "I am broke", you should look for positive thoughts such as "I will be in a position to get out of the situation."

Accepting yourself the way you are is one of the key rules to manage stress in puberty. Most teenagers suffer from an inferiority complex and become the victims of stress. Getting over this complex and self acceptance will help you deal with stress.

Remember, to be not influenced by what others say or feel about you. Being yourself is the best way to gain confidence and fight with teenage stress. - 31520

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