Do Students Have Stress Management Training?

By Esther Tan

Stress is something that all of us experiences. It is more commonly seen in adults as they usually have more to think and worry about. Especially in this time of economic downturn, adults worry about putting food on the table, paying the rent, paying the bills, and whatnot. More people are now stressed over their financial situation. The unemployed face the stress of finding jobs. The employed face the stress of keeping up with the workload that was distributed to them as a result of others being laid off because of company downsizing. Both of these scenarios lead to stress.

Students get stressed too. They just have different stressors than those of adults. Students don't think of earning for a living until they have their diplomas; although there are some who work part time jobs to help out in the family. Students are taught to focus more on their studies as their parents handle everything else. Adults are often put under constant pressure at work, while students are often put under constant pressure at school. This can only mean one thing: stress affects everyone.

Just like anywhere else, there will always be those who excel and those who don't at school. This tells us that each one of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. With stress, we have our own stressors and coping skills. Students generally face more stressors at school, albeit less serious than what adults face. Students have to think about their grades while trying to fit in socially. They are more pressured by peers, by relationships, and others. Sometimes, parents add up to the stress as well.

Stress is normal. But most people think that student stress is all too normal. They forget that stress can result to a lot of health problems when left unmanaged. Try going online. There are a lot of stress management techniques for everyone. The difference is that most occupations get specified stress management training online while students don't. While study load isn't the same as workload, students face the same pressure on exam days as adults face when struggling to meet a deadline.

There aren't a lot of schools that hold stress management training for students. Young people can only turn to the internet to find tips for stress management. The good thing is that the techniques that they learn are applicable to various situations. When students learn to identify their stressors, the road to being able to manage stress effectively won't be a long one. - 31520

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