Releasing Anger

By Broyde McDonald

Releasing anger has a lot to do with whether you want to feel better or not. You see while you are angry and considering revenge, you are giving the people that bother you what they deserve. When you are doing this, you see clearly when you look at yourself that you have tension and anxiety in you stopping you from being completely comfortable.

After releasing your anger and forgiving others all the tension may be gone, but your opponent is getting away with something. When you look at it is seems as if you have to be irritable in order to get even.

It looks as if it is not fair, it seems like you get the short end of the stick no matter what you do. The facts say otherwise though. When you forgive you release anger and you win for yourself.

Repressed Anger

Keeping anger in your life without ever releasing it puts your personal health at risk. Not only so, but you also lose the ability to make your best decisions.

As far as your health is concerned, be aware that unreleased and suppressed anger can damage your blood's circulation system. Heart disease and high blood pressure are two common diseases that angry people are afflicted with. The possibilities of having strokes are also a major concern for angry people.

History is showing that enough people have had strokes on a day that they were angry to make this occurrence a concern in the medical world.

When you don't release your anger, you do not do your best work. Think about it. When you are angry at a person and the time comes that you both need to do something together, you will never give your best effort to that person because of trust and dislike issues.

The anger that you hold toward them causes you to not make the best decisions as it relates to these people and their concerns.

Releasing Anger Is Sometimes A Hard Thing To Do.

Releasing your anger can also make you the more mature individual in life's interactions.

You need to recognize that nobody is perfect. The people who think they are perfect are not, and the people you think are perfect are not. This means that since nobody is perfect you really should forgive and release your anger for them even if they are not apologizing for the way they have wronged you.

When you release your anger you are the first person to benefit from it. Anger that is not released usually turns into rage sooner or later. Rage is when you act out on angry feelings. The problem with rage is that it is always harmful to someone.

What Do You Need To Do About It?

You should see to it that you release your anger. Treat it like an urgent matter. Know also that if you were to get some help who knows what they are doing, it would be better than going it alone.

In short, you are reading about how to handle this situation, I think that good advice would say do an anger management class before someone gets hurt. - 31520

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