Anger Management Classes - 9 Frequently Asked Questions

By Broyde McDonald

What are Anger Management Classes?

Anger management classes aim to teach anger management skills in an educational rather than a psychotherapy setting. Classes last for an hour or two and have durations of ten hours and up depending upon your needs.

Who are the classes for?

If you are instructed by the courts or your employer to take a course you should take one.

If you are having problems with other people and can benefit from better communication, listening and judgment skills, and also expectation management and empathy skills, you will learn all this and more in our anger management classes.

Is there any difference between individual counseling and Anger Management Classes?

The primary difference is that the class is done in a group setting unless it is an online class.

The individual counseling is one on one. It is having a personal anger coach lead you through the different lessons.

Can an Anger Management Class be taken in different ways?

Yes, there is individual coaching, home study courses, group classes, and study courses that are done completely online.

What are online courses like?

The online courses cover the same content as the group class, but it is completely online in our online classroom.

How do I know that Anger Management Classes are going to help me?

Anger management classes have helped 96% of the people who have used them in the past, so you can expect that they will help you also.

All you need to bring with you is a good reason why you want to change. Those who came to the classes with reasons why they wanted to change were successful in accomplishing their goal.

The methods used are evidence based, and have been tested with experience.

How can I tell if I have an "Anger Problem"?

The answer to this question can be lengthy and while there are many answers, I will say look to see if your anger leaves you feeling distressed in your body or your mind.

When angry do you become nauseated, winded, dizzy, or sweaty? Do you feel depressed, guilty ashamed or anxious. Are you angry for longer than you want to be? Are you having relationship problems because of anger? Are you angry a lot? When angry, do you lose control of yourself?

If your answer to a lot of those questions are yes then you can use some help with managing your anger.

How does anger affect your health?

Uncontrolled anger can affect your health in negative ways. The big problem is the link between anger and heart disease. In fact, anger is credited as being the lead player in heart attacks in men that are under the age of 55 years old.

Strokes have also been linked to anger as well.

What are the costs of anger management classes?

Anger management classes are not costly. They run from $35 -$195 per class. - 31520

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