OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and the Panic Attacks

By Gordon Dalwood

There are numerous forms that anxiety comes in, one that is fairly common is the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). OCD is often thought of as a minor form as far as anxiety goes. This is due to the fact, that many just think a person has stranger behavior who suffers from it and dismisses the problem. But OCD should be taken seriously, and the people that are afflicted with it need to take it serious too. This is more of a fact when the panic attacks occur with the OCD.

Are wondering exact what OCD is? To simply state it, OCD is basically intrusive and reoccurring thoughts. So that the person can get relief from these thoughts, they are compelled to do several rituals to get their mind off their thoughts. What are the forms of these so-called rituals? The manifestations of the forms of these rituals are unlimited. It could be anything like excessively exercising, reading, or possibly cleaning. But these can become a serious issue because of the influence they have. What influence you ask? Basically, these rituals start taking over most of a person's existence. This can hamper the person's ability to function in the workplace or in social situations.

What is this impact? Essentially, the rituals begin to take over large parts of the person's life. This means they can interfere with the individual's ability to work or socialize. After all, if someone commits three hours out of the day to excessive exercise, the person is not really leaving much time to do much of anything else. As a result, it becomes necessary to look for ways to deal with the condition.

Because OCD has irrational qualities to it, it is often experienced with panic attacks also. The person can have a panic attack, if they aren't able to do their ritual when they need to. When the ritual needs to be performed to chase away the intrusive thinking patterns, a panic attack could ensue if the ritual is not performed.

Dealing with one anxiety disorder is complicated enough. Having to deal with two of the disorders is even more complicated. Thankfully, there are ways of dealing with the problem. Often, if the OCD issues can be curtailed, then panic attack issues will be reduced as well. Additionally, it may not even be necessary to engage in drug therapy to eliminate the problem.

One common way of dealing with OCD centers on behavioral modification programs. These programs are intended to reduce the reaction to the triggers that lead to the panic attacks and rituals. The reactions derive from the cause-effect association that underlies the anxiety disorder.

These sessions hold a good track record for being effective. So whoever is afflicted with these disorders, that therapy is out there that will lessen the effects that this condition puts them through. The success is dependent upon how severe the disorder is, and which treatment is prescribed. This is why each person's case has to be diagnosed therapy individually.

Both OCD and panic attacks are most definitely serious conditions. Luckily, there is successful treatment available for them. So if you are suffering today, with these conditions, be comforted in the knowledge that the right treatment can be found to give you relief. - 31520

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