Handy Tips For Falling Asleep Easily

By Paul Green

One thing that really bugs me is when I'm absolutely shattered, go to bed and then can't sleep! Then I don't want to get up in the morning and go through the entire next day on auto pilot. Here's a few things I tried to rectify this.

We all have bedtime habits such as watching TV or surfing the bed, this makes your brain work hard as you are tired so it won't switch off when you want it to.

You get into the mindset that you can't sleep when in effect it is you who are stopping it. Turn of the distractions and you brain will turn off too.

Now this is a tip that students use when they need to study. Get yourself a non fiction book that is full of facts but has zero entertainment value. Your brain recognizes how boring this is and shuts itself down, enabling you to fall asleep.

Another good one to try is to have an hour of punishing exercise sometime through the day. If you do this regularly you body gets used to a

Although some people say all exercise will do this, I tend to stick to cardio and resistance work. Yes I have that buzz immediately afterwards, but by the evening my body is crying out for sleep.

If your wear glasses or contacts, remove these before getting into bed, rather than once you are in it. There are a couple of reasons for doing this.

After wearing these all day your eyes need to rest too. By nor forcing them to stay open to watch TV etc they will relax and close easily.

We all know deep down that eating at night is bad for us, but it isn't only the weight gain that's a problem. Our brains are very clever and make associations. If you have got into the habit of eating at night, your brain will refuse to shut down until you have eaten as it will be thinking about what to have tonight. Cut out the snacks and sleep will come quicker. - 31520

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