A Cap On Xbox 360

By Silas Steaphenee

So you are playing your fave game on Xbox 360. Perhaps it's halo three, perhaps it's Guitar Hero. All of a sudden the screen freezes up and then goes blank. And what do you know, the green lights on the front of the console turn into 3 red lights.

Don't Worry, it CAN Be Fixed

Before you panic and throw that Xbox 360 out, let's consider your options when it comes to the best way to fix my Xbox 360 - 3 red lights.

The explanation why you are getting those lights is actually extremely simple. They are a code that tells you some internal component is malfunctioning. It's like the check engine light on the car.

The reason for that malfunction all goes back to heat.

As you probably know, Xbox 360 gets awfully hot. Microsoft didn't do a good job with the planning of the console, and over ten percent of Xbox 360s get the 3 Red Lights ( often times called the Red Ring of Death ).

Now you could think the system is toast or you're going to have to get a new Xbox 360, but there are fixes available.

The easy way to Fix My Xbox 360 - Fix 1

Like I said, heat is the essential problem to why you are getting the Red Ring of Death. If you play your console for long amounts of time, that heat builds up and causes certain parts to flex and become disconnected.

Before you pay anyone any money, confirm your console is well ventilated. Take it out of the little cabinet it could be in--that traps heat. Don't set it directly on the carpet either. That's like putting it in the stove, bad!

Ensure the console is well ventilated and perhaps even put a tiny fan near it to help blow cool air into the system. Let it cool down for approximately 10-20 minutes before you try it again. - 31520

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