Ideas For Coping With Anger Management For Men

By Eddie Lamb

There are many events in life that make people begin to question some of the choices they have made. In some cases this questioning turns into anger as a man realizes that there are many events occurring in life that he has no control over and often daily life turns into one stressful occurrence after another. When you get to the point where you are feeling mad more than any other emotion, it may be time to look at some options for anger management for men in your situation. There are many sources available that can assist you in getting back to the emotional place you want to be and where you function at your best.

The kinds of assistance that work well for women often are not as effective for men. Many men have difficulty identifying or talking about feelings or their feelings of inadequacy in situations. This can be especially true when a man has been the sole support in the family and suddenly circumstances have changed that has required other members of the family to assist.

When a person gets mad as a result of fear, they often don't have a rational thought pattern leading from the fear to the anger. The feeling is one of a lack of control and helplessness and the response if getting mad. Most of the time this results in some type of verbal outburst directed at the people who depend on us. This type of negative behavior does not solve the problem or make us feel better and we have hurt someone's feelings that we didn't mean to. A cycle then begins where you start to feel worse, get madder, take it out on someone you care about, feel worse, etc.

Breaking the cycle begins with acknowledging what the real emotion is behind the feelings that are causing the negative behavior. Take a minute before you yell or give a person the "mad" look and consider whether you are getting to yell about the event that is occurring or the event that you can't control.

Before you start acting negatively, go for a walk. Establish a key word with your family members. When they feel that you are getting ready to act badly, they will say the key word. When you hear the key word, even if you don't think you are mad, go for a walk around the block.

Cooling off is very important. Identifying the stages that you go through when you are getting mad will help you to identify when you are getting to the point of negativity. By talking a walk, moving away from the situation, or just acknowledging that you are feeling that way, you will be able to take control and step away from the emotional stimulus that is causing your frustration or fear.

Feelings are heavily impacted by thoughts. When a person is thinking negatively, it is much easier to behave negatively. It is very difficult to have positive though and feel negative. Developing a habit of thankfulness is one way to regain control of your negativity. An easy exercise that is easy to accomplish is to think a positive thought each time you touch your front door knob. "Today is the day I'm going to be happy about..." You can be happy about anything at all, the goal is to plant one thankful thought in your mind each time you leave or enter your home.

When you want to explore the methods and tips for effectively addressing anger management for men, women or even children, you will find that there is information in many places and in many forms. There are professionals who can give you detailed information about steps to take to diffuse anger, exercises that will help you to burn calories and energy, and methods to begin turning negative attitudes to positive ones. Once you have begun the process of feeling more in control of your life and the events in your life, you will begin to feel more calm and enjoy life more fully. - 31520

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