3 Stress Busting Activities As A Natural Cure For Acid Reflux

By Richal Peyton

Acid reflux is a common condition among people. Although it is highly treatable, many people would still want to know the best cure for acid reflux. There's a lot of medication and oral treatments that can be used to cure acid reflux. However, they usually cannot be used as long-term treatment. This is why many turn to a natural cure for acid reflux, whether it is used in conjunction with conventional treatment or simply as preventive treatment.

There's still no proof indicating that stress is a direct cause of acid reflux. However, many experts agree that stress is a major factor in contributing to the symptoms of the condition. Because physical activity has been known to reduce stress, those suffering from acid reflux can benefit from it. Let's talk about the three major activities that can help treat acid reflux, naturally.

Activity 1: Conventional Exercise

A medical research has shown that obesity can be one of the major factors that worsens acid reflux. When you overeat, your stomach will need to secrete more acid to digest all of the food you consumed. This means that excess acid can build up in the stomach. Therefore, exercise is needed to maintain a healthy weight.

Some exercise positions like bending, however, may cause acid reflux since it can bring gastrointestinal acids up to the esophagus. It's a myth that exercise in general causes acid reflux-you just need to know which exercises you can and cannot do. Avoid bending (i.e. sit ups), bouncing, and applying too much pressure on the abdomen while exercising.

Some of the conventional exercises that can remedy acid reflux would include aerobic and anaerobic exercises like stair climbing, step exercises, bicycling and stretching. When doing weight training, use weight machines instead. As you can see, these exercises don't require a lot of bending and bouncing, so acid is kept below the esophagus.

Activity 2: Yoga And Stretching

Yoga is known to treat many conditions because of its ability to reduce stress. Certain poses like the Sukhasana are designed to straighten the spine and help reduce metabolism and therefore over-activity in the digestive system. Different poses actually enhance each other. There are poses that incorporate breathing exercises that help further reduce stress while other poses improve your overall physical health. Because yoga mainly utilizes your own strength with very little force or exertion, you're able to easily maintain yoga exercises and therefore easily treat acid reflux in the long run.

Activity 3: Meditation

Although meditation isn't able to change much of anything, physically, it can soothe and alleviate acid reflux symptoms. Try closing your eyes and releasing all kinds of thought from your mind. Simply breathe deeply and feel every sensation accompanied by your breathing, including your muscles loosening up and your whole body entering into a more relaxed state. You may then start to visualize something positive, like being in a tranquil place or simply looking at a perfectly blue sky. These simple techniques have been shown to reduce stress remarkably and so can naturally sooth nasty symptoms of acid reflux.

To effectively remedy the condition with a natural cure for acid reflux, one would have to be proactive about it. While taking medication can treat you for now, think about what other things you can do to prevent acid reflux. Before trying out any of the methods in this article, consult your doctor first. - 31520

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