Natural Ways to Stop an Anxiety Attack

By Kenneth Beason

Among the major symptoms of panic disorders are frequent anxiety attacks, and each time a person experiences an attack they have feelings of overwhelm and severe stress. Experts recommend anxiety treatments composed of medication and psychotherapy to lower the risks of having anxiety attacks, but did you know that there are natural treatment options that you can use? Some researchers say yes. To keep anxiety attacks under control, experts at the Orchid Recovery Center focus on group therapy, exercise and natural relaxation methods. Here are some of the other ways to stop anxiety attacks naturally:

1. Exposure therapy. Exposing oneself to stressful situations or conditions can help to lower the risk of anxiety attacks over time. People that want to stop anxiety attacks naturally may need to do this with the help of a therapist or counselor who can guide them through the process.

2. Try hypnosis. To treat anxiety and improve overall health, hypnosis has been used by thousands of people for several decades. For those who worry too much, hypnosis will allow you to have a healthier perspective on the situation by reframing your thoughts.

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) encourages the person suffering from frequent anxiety attacks to identify the unwanted behaviors and thoughts that may be triggering the attack so that they can gain control over their feelings. This type of therapy can take time to take effect, but is an effective way to stop anxiety attacks naturally.

4. Modify your diet. The risk of having an anxiety attack can increase if you regularly skip meals or have a high intake of sugar-based and fatty food. Certain types of foods may cause your heart rate to speed up and make you feel jittery, while there are specific kinds of food that can help have a relaxed and calm feeling. If you want to stop anxiety attacks naturally, pay attention to your diet, and create a diet plan with help from a dietitian or nutritionist.

5. Getting quality sleep. You might not be getting enough sleep if you are experiencing high anxiety levels and are a chronic worriers. The risk of getting anxiety attacks is increased if a person does not have quality sleep, which is essential for restoring the body and mind. When you get the right amount of sleep, you will be able to lower anxiety levels and reduce the risk of an anxiety attack even if there are severely stressful situations.

6. Find more activities. You might have too much time to think if you experience ongoing feelings of anxiety. You will be able to reduce stress naturally when you put your thoughts and energies by engaging in hands-on activities so that your mind is occupied on productive things. Naturally, over time, this method will effectively stop anxiety attacks.

7. Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeinated beverages and foods trigger symptoms of an anxiety attack, so refrain from drinking and eating these kinds foods if you are vulnerable to anxiety attacks. There are many effective ways to get rid of anxiety attacks naturally and have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Keep anxiety under control by using these natural ways to help get rid of panic attacks. - 31520

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