Xbox 360 Three Flashing Red Lights Of Death

By Silas Steaphenee

If you have owned an Xbox 360 for any period or know someone that has, then you are probably aware of the dreaded "three flashing red lights of death". What are the "three flashing red lights of death?"

They're when three of the 4 lights round the power button for the Xbox 360 start flashing red when the system is turned on. This isn't the only problem that can occur with the Xbox 360, but this issue is one that often needs repair work to be done on the Xbox 360 in order for the blinking red lights to go away.

The Xbox 360 three flashing red lights of death is a suggestion by the Xbox 360 unit of a General Hardware Failure. Turning the system off and on or allowing the unit to cool down will not dump the problem. The system will need to have repairs done. Microsoft support is able to perform these repairs, but there are some issues referring to this.

First, in order for Microsoft to fix the Xbox 360, the unit must be distributed to them. This process alone can take a few weeks and depending on the scale of the difficulty can cost around $150 to have the difficulty fixed. So after a few weeks and close to $150 you get your Xbox 360 system back and with a little bit of luck it is corrected. Hopefully meaning Microsoft was able to fix the issue and the system was returned without being damaged again in transit.

The other solution is to try and fix the three flashing red lights issue yourself. To do this you need to pickup the Xbox 360 Red Lights repair manual. This guide offers step by step instructions on how to simply fix the "three flashing red lights of death" as well as other Xbox 360 issues like overheating, graphics errors, and freeze ups. Many have reported using the Red Lights guide and getting their Xbox 360 back in working order in around an hour. Actually quicker than the turnaround from Microsoft and much cheaper ( $25 ). - 31520

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