3 Anger Management Strategies To Help You Manage Your Anger

By Broyde McDonald

These anger management strategies will do you good if you are hampered by anger problems. You need to know however that if you were to do an anger management class that you will make much faster progress.

The important difference is that in the class you will have a guide that is experienced and aware of the problems that are likely to come. They will also know what to do to avoid and solve them.

With anger management strategies the problem is you can't wait too long to get them going. If you take too long, your anger can develop into something so strong that it takes stronger management to control than what anger management classes are able to provide.

Take some time out

When becoming angry you need to recognize your anger for what it is, and take a time out.

The first thing is to stop what you are doing. Then take some deep breaths, count to ten or more if you need to, but count until you are calm and then get back to doing what you were doing.

Once you have done all of this and find that it is still not enough, then the next step in the strategy is to leave and go somewhere else until you are calm enough to proceed.

If you have still not calmed down after half an hour, then you really should seek help right away with managing your anger.

Think of the consequences

To manage their anger, some of the people who are best skilled at it use thinking about the consequences of their anger as the strategy to help them keep doing what is right.

To do this you need to already have a certain amount of patience and emotional strength.

Anger management classes

If you think you have a problem with anger and you need an anger management strategy that works, you can depend on an anger management class to help you tremendously. Anger management classes are rated as being as much as 95% effective by those who participated in them.

Participants surveyed say that in as little as two months they were able to learn skills that helped them make big changes in their behavior and attitudes.

The drawback is that in about a years' time you will need to some polishing on the skills you have learned, but that isn't bad now is it? - 31520

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