Valentine's Day for Single Girls

By Owen Jones

Some people do not like being alone on St. Valentine's Day. Younger women in particular consider that being alone on St. Valentine's Day carries a stigma, which makes them feel depressed and lonely. But just because someone is not in a relationship, it does not mean they cannot have a good time. I will give a couple of suggestions below to help you have a time to remember.

1] Call up all your single girlfriends and go clubbing. Many young men like to dance every now and again or to their favourite songs, but they do not want to dance non-stop. On the other hand, young women often do like to dance non-stop, so you may have a better time without a boyfriend in a club.

2] Another good idea for single girls on Valentine's Day is to give a movie night at your home. You can invite over all of your single friends and hire a few comedies. Instead of being sad and miserable, you and your friends could watch the movies and take the rise out of the characters in the movie.

Hire a few horror films too for an extra special night. Lots of young people like horror films. They like to have a scream and hide their faces behind their friends' backs. Treat the evening like a proper night at the movies and get popcorn, snacks, ice cream and cola, etc in.

3] You could throw a singles party. Ask all of your single friends and tell them they have to bring a friend of the opposite sex. Buy or borrow some of those games that make you answer personal questions like 'Forfeits' and 'Twister', where you have to put your hands and feet on different coloured spots on a plastic mat.

'Mr and Mrs' is another game where you ask one half of a 'couple' questions about the other in his absence. He has to corroborate the replies when he is invited back into the room. The answers could be side-splitting, because the contestants will not know each other well.

3] Hire a table in a non-romantic restaurant and get eight or more girlfriends to go out for a meal. Once the atmosphere begins building, things can become great fun and you could go dancing later.

4] You could arrange a visit to the theatre and have a meal afterwards. Most people do not go to the theatre every year, so going with your friends on St. Valentine's Day would make the day truly unforgettable.

5] You could make up a basket of your favourite things. Include some really special items like gourmet chocolate or other gourmet candy. Get something luxurious to drink that is appropriate to your age. Then you can pig out on your favourite foods and drink and watch a few films on your own or with your sister or other family member like a favourite cousin.

There are many things you can do to enjoy Valentine's Day as a single girl, there's no need to mope around feeling sorry for yourself at all. - 31520

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