3 Red Lights On Xbox 360 Fix

By Silas Steaphenee

So, you're looking to mend your damaged Xbox 360?

How did I know?

Possibly because 10% of all Xbox 360s will develop the feared three Red Lights, typically called the Red Ring of Death ( RROD ).

So what's the Answer?

When it comes to the three Red Lights on Xbox 360 Fix, you have 2 selections :

1. Send the console off to Microsoft, pay for significant repair services ( not including high-priced shipping costs ), wait 4-6 weeks for them to ship it back, and deal with hideous shopper service along the way.


2. Fix it yourself.

Fix it Myself! Are You Crazy?

Don't freak out, I am not crazy.

In contrast to what you may think, fixing an Xbox 360 is simple. You don't have to be a computer genius or a technical guru. All that it takes is some tools you are sure to have around your place, a little time, and a guide with step-by-step instructions to idiot-proof the process.

The reason that you get those 3 red lights on Xbox 360 is because of something by the name of an X-clamp.

The X-clamp holds the graphical processor in place and when the system gets too hot, it flexes and makes you get an error message - three red lights.

What of my Warranty?

So you are still under warranty? That means you'll pay to have your 360 shipped off, wait 4-6 weeks, then get a renovated system back that will most likely give you those same three red lights in the near future.

How Much is a guide Going to Cost?

The 3 Red Lights on Xbox 360 Fix Guide that I use costs $30.

That includes pictures, step by step videos, online support, and a money back guarantee.

That's right, if it does not work ( if you start watching the videos and still think you're in over your head ) you can get a total refund. - 31520

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