Secrets To Coping With Anger

By Broyde McDonald

Coping with anger is a bad idea. Your goal is to get rid of anger, and not just cope with it.

When you cope with anger, it is as if you are still allowing it a place in your life. You may often think about what makes you angry and not act out about it, but that is not the best you can do. There is a problem because you are still allowing the anger to be a part of you.

The only anger you should dwell on in thought is the anger that you have already forgiven someone of. And if you have forgiven, then you will think good thoughts about the person and this will not harm you.

Coping with anger will harm your health.

People are known to have had strokes on the very same day that they become angry. This danger is present for anybody who has a lot of anger inside them.

There are more than just strokes that cause a concern. There are also the possibilities of problems with high blood pressures and heart disease that can also directly result from trying to cope with rather than being rid of anger.

Coping with anger is not good for your life.

Count the good decisions that you have made when you were angry. I am sure that you made more bad ones than good ones at this time. The facts are that people do not make good decisions when we are angry.

So keeping anger bottled up inside you even if you think you are coping well with it can still cause your judgment to be weaker than it is when you are calm. And because of this, your decisions are not as good as they could be.

Notice your preferences.

Watch your actions. If you like the presence of angry people, you are probably someone who is trying to cope with anger. Do you like violent movies and movies showing an angry person getting even? Do you like songs that sound as if they were written by an angry person? If you answer yes to these questions you need to get yourself checked out.

What you need to do.

There are long lists of things that you can do to release your anger if you are just coping with it. The list is too long to get into right now.

However, one important thing you can start doing right now is learn how to relax. Anger will bring with it anxiety and tension. You need to be able to recognize these things so that you can get rid of them. As you relax more and more, there will be less anger inside for you to cope with.

Secondly, if you are just coping and you know it, get yourself into a good anger management class. A good class will help you to use the techniques that will help you to become completely free from just coping with anger.

You will be doing better than just coping, you will be in control. - 31520

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