The Things You Should Know About Hypnosis

By Sarah Cox

Hypnosis and its derivative, hypnotherapy, have been the subject of many myths created by layman's imagination. Some consider them to be some sort of spell while others refuse to even recognize their existence. Some of the popular misconceptions associated with hypnosis and the truth behind them are given below.

Hypnosis has no link with any sort of dark arts. It is a very simple technique, which can be understood without much difficulty with the help of psychology and other scientific methods. People refuse to believe in hypnosis even after watching participants effectively undergoing it in public shows. They say that hypnotised subjects allow practitioners to be successful in their art by not exhibiting enough will power to withstand the influence of their words. But nothing could be more distant from the truth. Even mentally strong people can fall under the charms of an expert hypnosis practitioner.

That hypnosis is an alternate state of consciousness is another myth that has been doing the rounds. A hypnotized person is fully awake to what is going on around him. Hypnosis actually brings forth a state of absolute calm characterized by a rise in levels of attentiveness, and this heightened awareness helps the subject to absorb new inputs without difficulty.

Another myth, which has been circulated by some researchers, claims that hypnosis can be applied on merely 5% of humans. The researchers are to some extent true in their own way, because they tried hypnotising their subjects by the same hypnosis method without considering individual differences in character and temperament. Hypnosis can't be oversimplified like that and clicks only if there are different methodologies for different personality styles.

Meditation and hypnosis are often confused with each other. However, interaction between the subject and the practitioner is paramount in hypnosis, while meditation is like a communion with the self without any communication involved. Similarly, a period of trance is also sometimes confused with hypnosis, which is not correct. Trance is again a mental state sans any communication, whereas communication forms the very foundation of the hypnosis method.

It is often believed that hypnosis training or hypnotherapy cannot bring transformations in appearance or in behavioural patterns of a person. Hypnosis is obviously not wizardry that it can change the physique of an individual on its own. But by mentally conditioning an individual to give up addictive behaviour like overeating and chain smoking, and by raising one's motivation levels, hypnosis can usher in important physical alterations in an individual and pave the way for a healthier body.

If an individual falls for all the wrong notions that prevail regarding hypnotherapy and doesn't venture to participate in a hypnotic session, then he will himself block his way to a better and healthier life. - 31520

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