Benefits of Yoga For Losing Weight

By Jane Lee

Is it possible to experience weight loss through yoga? Certainly. Yoga is more than just stretching, contrary to popular belief. You can get a very different experience of yoga as exercise if you attend a class in your local gym. You could burn as many calories from a yoga class as you can from any typical exercise that raises your heart rate.

You may not realize that yoga is also a resistance exercise. Resistance training is lifting some type of weight. You are lifting your own body weight with many yoga poses, and this will put resistance on your muscles. And, similar to any other resistance exercise, your muscle mass will build in response.

You can find in yoga the same types of exercises you would do in other typical resistance routines. There are movements like push-ups, squats or lunges as well as many others. Yoga makes for a better and more enjoyable workout because the poses are so unique and not what we're used to necessarily. Some people think of yoga as a form of art. If you do your poses in front of a mirror, you can gain a new appreciation for the beauty of your body reflected back to you.

Yoga can be a helpful aid to weight loss in that it works subtly in the mind as well as physically. As a way to begin your day, you can find some peace of mind that will cut down on your need for ineffective coping techniques. That is, the "emotional eating" that some people do. Whenever one is eating for reasons other than hunger, there is an issue to address.

If you eat only from real hunger, overall intake of calories will result. This will mean weight loss automatically. Yoga can relieve mental stress while you are practicing. Hopefully this skill will transfer to you everyday life experiences.

Practicing yoga for just a few days a week can produce good weight loss results. Yoga can give you some wonderful physical results. It might not seem like yoga is an activity that would change your body, you'll find out that it can. You don't have to make your body suffer to get good results. Treating your body well can work even better. - 31520

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