What Is Stress Management Training?

By Esther Tan

More than half of the employed population points to their jobs as the main stressor in their lives. It is not surprising to meet a lot of stressful factors when you work in an office. Yet, most people do not admit the fact that they are stressed. Some aren't even aware that their changing characteristics are results from too much stress. Most people do not know how to say "No" when they are faced with a big amount of workload. We tend to accept the workload given to us even if it is more than what we can handle.

Our interpersonal relationships in the office are also a contributor to the workplace stress we experience. While these relationships are healthy, the strains put on these relationships tend to have a negative impact on our performance and productivity. For instance, two employees develop a close friendship. When the company terminated the contract of one, the employee that remained would experience low morale. In addition, the workload is distributed to all the people that were not fired; resulting in more pressure and more stress.

Stress is one of the major players in employees walking out on their companies. Too much stress leads to fatigue, burnout, loss of focus and enthusiasm, absenteeism, and tardiness. Stress can take its toll on people. For this reason, some companies hold stress management training courses in the workplace so as to avoid losing their valued employees by teaching them stress management skills.

Stress management training is arranged by the company itself. This kind of training teaches employees how to identify and recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in others and themselves. They are also taught how to handle the pressures of work and the immense workload by means of prioritizing and organizing. As mentioned earlier, stress can be caused by the straining of relationships. Stress management training allows employees to learn effective conflict resolution skills. These courses can also remind employees how their jobs where enjoyable, which is why they stayed for so long. Stress can make an employee feel less satisfied with what they are doing.

Holding stress management training courses or classes in the workplace can cost the company a lot of money. The internet is another place where you can get the stress management training you need. Most, if not all, of them are for a price. These training modules don't cost that much, though. After the purchase, you can download the courses and review them as much as you like. Since more often than not these courses also contain detailed relaxation techniques, you can refer to your downloaded files for any information when you need it. - 31520

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