Anger Management and Violence at Home.

By Colin Jones

How does anger management play a role in domestic violence? Simply put, most people that abuse their spouse in this type of situation, are angry due to an antisocial disorder lying deep in their mind. Anger is one of the leading characteristics of personality disorder, which include paranoia, schizophrenia, schizoid, antisocial, psychopathic, histrionic and sociopathic personalities.

Most people who are abusive in relationships have anti-social personalities. The anti-social personality type often attacks when he or she is drunk or under the influence of some other drug. This is not true in all instances of course, but it is true in most circumstances. Anti-social personality types often disregard rules and regulations and usually feel that they are authorized to do so. Anti-social personality types are control freaks and if you do not conform to their authority, they often show their anger in a controlling or violent way.

Anti-social types will often humiliate, intimidate, brutally physically abuse and mentally belittle their spouse, but the domestic abuse does not usually stop there. This type of individual has never proven to be likely to respond to anger management techniques. In other words, men that batter their wives will usually continue to do so until someone gets seriously injured. It is not a good idea to get involved with this type of person, as there is rarely any hope at all of them controlling their anger. This type will often beat a spouse, until they only want to kill them. This means someone could die, since this sort of person will become angrier and angrier as the years pass and will rarely seek anger management help with their domestic violence.

Even if he or she does get anger management help for domestic violence, it very often fails. It is not recommended that you start a relationship with this type of person. The signs are a wild appearance or wild expressions, laughing for no apparent purpose, laughing at a situation where a person was harmed, outbursts of anger for no reason et cetera. This sort of person is superficial and will often lead you to believe that he or she is a model for society, whereas behind closed doors the brute appears.

Of course, hate is the underlying source of this person's anger, and hate has been known to kill. Often deep-seated jealousy also underlies the anger issues within these types of people. Many of these angry people take drugs, like cocaine, crack, marijuana and others. They often exceed the safety limit of alcohol consumption and this only increases the odds of them flying off the handle.

An example of bad anger management and domestic violence can be seen in a small town called Dowagiac in Michigan, where a man tried to kill several women but was still allowed to go free. Not much anger management help was provided to this person and often his outrageous attacks were simply because he felt that he could not control his partners. The victims did not get any justice and a few even believed that they could change his angry ways.

Today, he is sitting in the county jail on a number of charges, including assault of a police officer and a hit and run. The police, according to witnesses, claim that the perpetrator had a weapon and was drunk when he fled in order to elude the police and marijuana was found in his vehicle. This person had a continuous history of brutality but the justice system let those victims down, which led to more anger management problems.

Another example of bad anger management is in borderline personality types. These people, when feeling alone, will attack others. Sometimes they are physically abusive, but most of the time they are verbally and mentally abusive. The partner has only to go to work, say, and when he or she returns home, they will be accused of having done something terrible.

The abusive person might even call the workplace of the spouse numerous times to verify that he or she has not run off with someone else. This is another type of angry person that rarely recovers, and like the antisocial personality types, these types are just as dangerous and manipulative.

Paranoid personality types are also dangerous and manipulative but their anger is almost impossible to predict. In most cases, these types react to voices heard inside or outside their head. Like the antisocial types, the paranoid type rarely has justifiable reason for their behaviour. In most cases, it is merely a control issue. This means that if the victim is uncontrollable, the paranoid person will react angrily and violently. - 31520

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