Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks

By Harry Constantine

People that suffer from panic attacks know how serious they are. In some cases people become too scared of going outside because they have panic attacks.

How you overcome your panic attacks could be a massive issue, since once you can overcome them you can get on with your life again. Many folks who have regular panic attacks simply wish to be able to get on with their lives.

Here are some straightforward techniques that can facilitate you to overcome panic attacks and stop them from being so frequent.

When you start to panic your breathing will always speed up and become very shallow. Once you're relaxed concentrate on breathing deeply and evenly from your stomach. This kind of breathing needs to become second nature to you.

As soon as you feel a panic attack beginning, pay attention to breathing in this deep, regular manner. You might wish to stop what ever you are doing and sit down to target making your breathing regular again. This can typically be enough to prevent a panic attack.

This can become second nature to you with some practise and you'll notice yourself automatically breathing this way when you start to panic. You could want a reminder to breath this way initially, perhaps write it on your hand or ask your friends to remind you.

Practising relaxation or self hypnosis techniques will even help you deal with panic attacks. You can either attend yoga or meditation classes or teach yourself self hypnosis.

The feeling of being out of control and not able to cope typically contributes to a panic attack. These all produce stress in you and stop you from thinking straight. Through these relaxation techniques you'll release the stress and stop the panic attack from taking over.

By gaining an understanding of what triggers your panic attacks you'll be able to begin to avoid any of those situations. There are always going to be triggers you can't avoid so you would like to change how you're feeling concerning them. There are a variety of techniques you'll use to do this, but one of the most effective is for you to visualise yourself just before you enter the situation feeling relaxed. Hold on to that feeling of relaxation and calmness as you experience the situation in your mind.

As your sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between what you imagine and what is real (simply imagine one thing that hurt from the past to test the truth behind this) you will change how you are feeling concerning those situations.

If you do this visualization enough, the situations that previously caused panic can only make you relaxed and calm. It will be a strange feeling when this happens, but it's a great one.

With the techniques you have just read you'll be able to overcome panic attacks. With a little bit of patience and time you'll see some fantastic results. - 31520

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