Your Best Sleep Aids Do Not Have To Be A Doctors Prescription

By Lynda Forsythen

Any of your best sleep aids are not found in a pharmacy or off of a drug store shelf. There are other ways for overcoming insomnia. Any medication that you take has effects that you are not aware of. Sleep aids can leave you groggy and feeling not much like yourself when you wake up. Sometimes they can cause you to oversleep and you when you do get up you feel worse because you over slept. This makes for a bad day. You can lose your temper and be disorganized. Drugs do not give you the deep sleep that you need to recupe from anything that may have happened that day.

When looking for the best sleep aids go back to nature. Nature is beautiful, peaceful and restful. We can learn to use these things when searching for help falling asleep.

Do you find it easy to sleep when you hear the rain falling? That would be one example of finding the best sleep aids in nature. You can use something like that to look to for help falling asleep. Change the lights in your bedroom to something softer, more natural, maybe a nature sounds CD or soft music. A softer color scheme in your bedroom can also help in overcoming insomnia. Anything is more advisable than medication.

If you have a busy schedule during the day you can still find ways to let it go and relax before bed. Find your own best sleep aids. Changing your routine can do wonders for a good night sleep. Try to start a new "habit". 1 hour before you would normally go to bed change into your cozy pajamas, turn down the noise and lights, and turn off the TV. Just let yourself relax and find your best sleep aids.

Do not drink anything with caffeine in it. Sometimes even drinks that say decaffeinated still have trace amounts of caffeine, which may be just enough to keep you awake, and discovering your best sleep aids.

Check the temperature where you sleep, anything too warm or cold could cause you to have a bad night sleep. If taking a bath or shower right before bed relaxes you, do that. If you find that taking your shower tends to wake you up a little, try taking one before you start your bedtime routine, or in the morning.

The key to your best sleep aids are good sleep habits. Remember:

* Soft music

* Natural lighting

* Best temperature for you

* Soothing colors in your bedroom

* Cozy PJs

* Comfortable pillow and bed

* Stop Caffeine

* Turn off the TV

Do not give up after a few days if these things do not work. Finding your own best sleep aids may take a week or so, but you will find them to be well worth the effort. - 31520

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